The WIVC is one of the best high school football conferences in the state of Illinois for Class 1A. It stretches from Calhoun County and all the way up to Mendon off of Interstate 172. There’s a lot of geography lessons one needs to know, but also history because several schools have rich football traditions.

If you have been following the 2017 WIVC football season, then you have been on a roller coaster ride probably better than anything at Six Flag.

North Division Champions:

Beardstown, Brown County, and Camp Point Central all finished at 4-1.

After losing two of their first three games, Beardstown has rallied and are currently on a four-game winning streak. The Tigers were tabbed to be the front-runners in the North, which didn’t exactly come to fruition, but more importantly, they’ve been playing like many thought they could before the season started.

Brown County was undefeated going into Week Six with a hard-nosed running attack, including a steady passing game but was upended by Camp Point Central last week. Because of that, it caused a three-way tie for first place.

You can thank the Panthers in black and gold for that who now stand at 5-2 and are a squad that nobody enjoys to play because they are ferocious on defense and are excellent at ball possession.

The North is arguably the more competitive of the two divisions this season with five of the six teams still in contention for playoff berths with two games to go. Triopia and Unity-Payson are those two additional schools who both have high-powered offenses and are capable of shutting opponents down.

South Division Champions

Carrollton 7-0 (5-0)

Once again the Hawks win the South outright title and have enjoyed their best season thus far since their magical 2014 year when they finished second in the IHSA Class 1A championship. As you’ll see, a handful of their players dominate some of the stat categories, especially on the offensive side. Coming into the season, the Hawks were inexperienced at key positions like quarterback, running back, and multiple wide receiver positions, but things have worked out quite well.

Calhoun finished below Carrollton at 3-2, but are 5-2 overall. A crucial Week Three matchup is what separated the Warriors from the Hawks when Carrollton rallied from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter and came from behind to win 25-22. Calhoun has improved since then, including after taking a defeat to rivals Pleasant Hill. They’re currently on a three-game winning streak and will face Unity in a what promises to be a playoff type atmosphere since it is a do or die game for the Mustangs. On the other hand, Calhoun wants to punch their ticket for the playoffs by earning win No. 6.

Two additional 3-4 teams are Greenfield-Northwestern and Pleasant Hill. Both were highly fancied sides to make a run this season, but are on the brink of failing to make the playoffs, but could still force their way in if they win out,

It hasn’t been North Greene and West Central’s years with new head coaches and each sporting young squads as well. However, if you watch them they don’t lack talent and have given opponents scares, but ultimately haven’t executed in crunch time.

Note: North Greene and West Central stats were not collected.



  1. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 1,494

  2. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 1,370

  3. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 1,140

  4. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 1,004

  5. Ike Riddle (Beardstown): 705


  1. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 21

  2. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 14

  3. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 12

  4. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 11

  5. Ike Riddle (Beardstown): 10


  1. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 157

  2. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 150

  3. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 136

  4. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 90

  5. Ike Riddle (Beardstown): 76


  1. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 86

  2. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 83

  3. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 71

  4. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 57

  5. Ike Riddle (Beardstown): 40


  1. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 127.03

  2. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 118.16

  3. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 112.68

  4. Ike Riddle (Beardstown): 96.76

  5. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 64.18



  1. Jacob Foiles (Greenfield-Northwestern): 831

  2. Michael Burns (Triopia): 792

  3. Ty Bick (Calhoun): 710

  4. Cole Williams (Camp Point): 685

  5. Byron Holmes (Carrollton): 678

  6. Drake Wrobleski (Beardstown): 653

  7. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 604

  8. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 550

  9. Chayse Houston (Camp Point): 512

  10. Cole Lammy (Calhoun): 428


  1. Michael Burns (Triopia): 12

  2. Byron Holmes (Carrollton): 10

  3. Drake Wrobleski (Beardstown): 9

  4. Two tied at: 8

Darian Drake (Brown County)

Zach Thompson (Triopia)

  1. Two tied: 7

Ty Bick (Calhoun)

Jacob Foiles (Greenfield-Northwestern)

  1. Three tied at: 6

Devin Tynan (Brown County)

Jacob Watters (Calhoun)

Cole Williams (Camp Point)


  1. Michael Burns (Triopia): 121

  2. Darian Drake (Brown County): 108

  3. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 101

  4. Byron Holmes (Carrollton): 97

  5. Drake Wrobleski (Beardstown): 90

  6. Ty Bick (Calhoun): 87

  7. Zach Rouland (Triopia): 86

  8. Cole Williams (Camp Point): 77

  9. Chayse Houston (Camp Point): 69

  10. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 66



  1. Nathan Walker (Carrollton): 788

  2. Isaiha Rogers (Pleasant Hill): 597

  3. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 550

  4. Grant Peebles (Pleasant Hill): 390

  5. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 344

  6. Todd Kelly (Unity-Payson): 339

  7. Bill Cramblit (Beardstown): 276

  8. Alex Bowker (Carrollton): 270

  9. Cole Williams (Camp Point): 258

  10. Michael Pratt (Unity-Payson): 220


  1. Nathan Walker (Carrollton): 9

  2. Isaiha Rogers (Pleasant Hill): 7

  3. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 6

  4. Four tied at: 5

Bill Cramblit (Beardstown)

Tanner Sussenbach (Brown County)

Alex Bowker (Carrollton)

Tyler Barnett (Carrollton)

  1. Michael Pratt (Unity-Payson): 4

  2. Three tied at: 3

Braden Schnitker (Routt)

Zach Thompson (Triopia)

Todd Kelly (Unity-Payson)


  1. Nathan Walker (Carrollton): 36

  2. Isaiha Rogers (Pleasant Hill): 32

  3. Grant Peebles (Pleasant Hill): 27

  4. Alex Cosgriff (Routt): 25

  5. Two tied at: 22

Tanner Sussenbach (Brown County)

Luke Jansen (Unity-Payson)

  1. Braden Schnitker (Routt): 21

  2. Two tied at: 20

Devin Tynan (Brown County)

Todd Kelly (Unity-Payson)

  1. D.J. McWilliams (Beardstown): 17

  2. Alex Bowker (Carrollton): 16

  3. Matthew Walker (Greenfield-Northwestern): 15



  1. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 1,973

  2. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 1,689

  3. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 1,567

  4. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 1,071

  5. Ty Bick (Calhoun): 1,034

  6. Joe Hendricker (Brown County): 999

  7. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 948

  8. Cole Williams (Camp Point): 943

  9. Jacob Foiles (Greenfield-Northwestern): 892

  10. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 792


  1. Hunter Flowers (Carrollton): 25

  2. Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill): 23

  3. Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 18

  4. Three tied at: 12

Devin Tynan (Brown County)

Ty Bick (Calhoun)

Michael Burns (Triopia)

  1. Three tied at: 11

Ike Riddle (Beardstown)

Byron Holmes (Carrollton)

Zach Thompson (Triopia)

  1. Two tied at: 10

Drake Wrobleski (Beardstown)

Nathan Walker (Carrollton)

  1. Two tied at: 8

Darian Drake (Brown County)

Cole Williams (Camp Point)

  1. Three tied at: 7

Pascal Guilavogui (Beardstown)

Chayse Houston (Camp Point)

Isaiha Rogers (Pleasant Hill)


  1. Two tied at: 78

Byron Holmes (Carrollton)

Michael Burns (Triopia)

  1. Devin Tynan (Brown County): 72

  2. Two tied at 68

Dalton Crane (Pleasant Hill)

Zach Thompson (Triopia)

  1. Nathan Walker (Carrollton): 66

  2. Cole Williams (Camp Point): 64

  3. Drake Wrobleski (Beardstown): 60

  4. Pascal Guilavogui (Beardstown): 58

  5. Two tied at: 50

Justin Shireman (Pleasant Hill)

Darian Drake (Brown County)

  1. Three tied at: 46

Jacob Watters (Calhoun)

Ty Bick (Calhoun)

Isaiha Rogers (Pleasant Hill)

  1. Cole Lammy (Calhoun): 44

  2. Two tied at: 42

Chayse Houston (Camp Point): 42

Taylor Klusmeyer (Unity-Payson): 42



  1. Nick Black (Pleasant Hill): 97

  2. Byron Holmes (Carrollton): 90

  3. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 77

  4. Kodiak Rogers (Pleasant HIll): 73

  5. Skylar Heatherly (Pleasant Hill: 71

  6. Two tied at: 70

Noah Strohkirch (Camp Point)

Cameron Pennell (Carrollton)

  1. Darian Drake (Brown County): 66

  2. Grant Peebles (Pleasant Hill): 64

  3. Two tied at: 60

Matthew Walker (Greenfield-Northwestern)

Zach Rouland (Triopia)

  1. A.J. Hillen (Calhoun): 58

  2. Scout White (Calhoun): 57

  3. Two tied at: 56

Brady O’Hara (Beardstown)

Alex Bowker (Carrollton)

  1. Jacob Decker (Carrollton): 53

  2. Josh Lewis (Routt): 51

  3. Ryan Beckman (Routt): 50


  1. Zach Thompson (Triopia): 7

  2. Wilson Scotts (Camp Point): 5

  3. Jacob Lansaw (Greenfield-Northwestern): 4

  4. Two tied at: 3

Nick Cowell (Beardstown)

Darian Drake (Brown County)

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