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A man who broke into a home on Christmas morning and shot the homeowner as he tried to rob him will spend 45 years in jail. 28-year-old Clayton Lawrence of Granite City committed the crime in Fairview...[Read More]
A photo of a flyer promoting an alleged Ku Klux Klan rally in Alton is a hoax. Alton Police were notified of the flyer earlier this week after it was shared on social media, and began investigating. Authorities...[Read More]
An Illinois congressman is taking the lead on changing the formula for which the Federal Emergency Management Agency provides financial assistance to make it more fair. Central Illinois US Rep. Rodney...[Read More]
The recent hurricanes have been the inspiration for a local organization to organize another supply drive to gather items to take to areas in recovery. The U.S. Veterans Foundation earlier this month organize...[Read More]
The ribbon cutting at Alton's new inclusive playground at Alton's Gordon Moore Park is scheduled for Monday morning. You are invited to the event at 9:30. Alton Parks and Recreation Director Michael Haynes...[Read More]
The McKinley Bridge in Venice will close during what is considered off-peak hours (9am-4pm) every day next week. The Illinois Department of Transportation will close the span to make repairs and upgrades...[Read More]
The Alton School District has passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, showing estimated revenues of $27.5-million compared to estimated expenses of $26.9-million. The state still owes the district $1.7-millio...[Read More]
The words “local government” are big words in Illinois. That’s because there are nearly 7,000 units in the Land of Lincoln, most of any state in the nation. The Illinois Farm Bureau offer...[Read More]
The Illinois Department of Agriculture is wrapping up a four-day tour for more than 20 international business people looking to purchase Illinois grain products. Buyers from China, the Philippines, Colombia,...[Read More]
Nothing in Illinois' new education reform package requires schools across the state to do better. And one state lawmaker says that's a shame, because the latest test scores show Illinois schools are once...[Read More]
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